Benalla: ‘Not a single blow dealt’

Alexandre Benalla, the discredited come, former security employee of the French president, Emmanuel Macron, denies that he is during the may 1 manifestation in Paris, demonstrators have been beaten. In an interview with the tv station TF1 he said Friday that there is ” no work was handed out’.

“There are movements that are violent, that fast, but there is not a single blow dealt’, so says the now fired security employee during the tv interview. His statement seem not to be in accordance with the above video that the newspaper Le Monde on 18 July neighbour. On this more to see how to Benalla, which is a politiehelm, a protester pulls away to agents, him several blows administer, and then on the ground works.

‘What I find most annoying, is that the media never the images, and the images after have shown”, says Benalla. Namely the images that my reaction was provoked and that of the arrest.’

‘Reacted as a citizen’

“I see this not as the committing of acts which are legally reprehensible. I was faced with people who are vandals, that criminal acts have committed. I had the comment from a citizen that people wanted to help to arrest, which, according to me the criminals are.’

Benalla was shortly after the facts for two weeks suspended, but the court was not informed. After the spread of the video, he was still fired. The public prosecutor of Paris has now also launched an investigation against the 26-year-old Benalla. He is accused of assault in a group, unauthorized holding of functions and illegal bearing of arms.

Vote of no confidence

As a result of the case-Benalla have three left-wing parties on Friday to a joint motion of no confidence against the French government submitted. Thursday had been the right-wing opposition party, Les Républicains (LR) a motion of no confidence submitted. Both texts will be Tuesday together will be discussed in the hemisphere.

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