BBC is almost a million euros in legal costs from Cliff Richard to pay

The British public broadcaster BBC is going to the legal costs of the British pop singer Cliff Richard, 850.000 pounds (956.000 euro), to pay. Last week, won Richard a privacy lawsuit against the BBC had brought.

The singer has already received 240,000 euros in compensation awarded. The court in London, opined last week that the BBC privacy of Richard on a “serious and sensatiezoekende way” was violated. At a later time would still have a decision to fall on any extra amount Richard have granted it will get.

The 77-year-old Richard, who is also known as the British Elvis, filed a complaint because the BBC in August 2014 a search of his home in Sunningdale in South Yorkshire via helikopterbeelden had been sent. Sir Cliff found this to be a “serious violation” of his privacy.

The search warrant was part of a criminal investigation after Richard was accused of a case of pedoseksualiteit in 1985. Richard, who denied, in this regard never arrested or indicted.

The BBC weathered at the Hight Court by saying that the reporting is accurate and act in good faith.

Fans sang after Richards victory in the court of his hit “Congratulations,” reported the BBC.

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