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Antwerp picks up immediately full of loot on a visit to Charleroi

1cbf5e097d6a6691ee1f66299581fd70 - Antwerp picks up immediately full of loot on a visit to Charleroi

The Great Old one has its uitreputatie again honored. In the openingsmatch of the new season took hold Antwerp against Charleroi, last season is still in Play-Off 1, also the three points. Yatabaré put an early 0-1 at the plate and that gave the boys of Bölöni. The recipe of last season so work: betting in front efficiently and in the back, unwavering.

The map of Bölöni was soon clear: Charleroi making life miserable with lots of physical fight on the midfield and himself quickly trying to switch. After a quarter of an hour provided that all of success. Antwerp recupereerde the ball on the half of Charleroi and Hairemans brought from far away. Mandanda allowed the ball only to repel, in the feet of the onrushing Yatabaré, who is the 0-1 high goal shot. An early lead, that gives Antwerp not so soon, as we learned last season.

Charleroi responded, however, immediately by a shot of Benavente, Opare brought salvation on the line. A minute later found the same Benavente Dessoleil in the penalty area, but that threw the ball on the crossbar. Also the Great Old, had not risen to the occasion. Bolingi took the dead ball line and put back on Hairemans, with buitenkantje left just next to tapped. On the other side was the weather defender Dessoleil that threatened. His shot whizzed just next. That everything in the first 25 minutes. Afterwards, Antwerp more control over the match. Bolat had only some high balls to be plucked and served in that assignment with gusto. Once Charleroi for the rest: Ilaimaharitra set low, but the Baby just came too late to tapping. Antwerp with a lead to the locker room, though that was almost without Geoffry Hairemans, who flirted with a second yellow card.

After peace made Charleroi its offensive ambitions immediately known. Arslanagic tapped a sharp cross almost in the own goal but Bolat brought another rescue with the head. Antwerp took advantage of the space and nonchalance in the back near Charleroi. Through Yatabaré and Owusu came Hairemans all alone for the goal, Marinos took the 0-2 from the line. Charleroi affected hardly by the red-and-white block and Mazzu threw soon with Perbet and Rezaei all of his offensive cards on the table. Antwerp was backward forced, but hardly gave anything away. Only a quarter of an hour for time could Rezaei Bolat again to a rescue force.

In the slotkwartier was a physically impressive Antwerp is hardly in trouble. On the counter-attack could even regularly for threat concerns. Only from a corner could Charleroi what hazard. In the very last minute is still one big chance for Charleroi, but the header of Dessoleil died in the arms of Bolat. So put Antwerp in the first and thick earned three points in the bag.

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