Also private archive, film-maker Angelopoulos destroyed by the flames

f53758c868266e43aef5e08e262c312f - Also private archive, film-maker Angelopoulos destroyed by the flames

Except for much human suffering and great property damage, the fires in Greece also a filmramp causes: the second home of Theo Angelopoulos, the late “pope” of the Greek cinema, Monday prey to the flames cases. In that house in Mati, east of Athens, was also the personal archive of the in 2012, the deceased director. This is reported by the widow of the filmmaker, Phivi.

Angelopoulos, 1998 winner of the Golden Palm in Cannes for ‘L’of eternity et un jour’, brought often in the summer in the now burnt-out villa with his wife and their three daughters. “The books of my husband, his correspondence with other personalities, all the books by their authors to him were entrusted, lyrics and poems: everything is destroyed,” said a moved to tears Phivi on the tv channel Star.

Also the widow of Angelopoulos fled Monday, along with a daughter and a granddaughter, in a full panic to the sea, to the raging fire in Mati to escape. She is angry that the government is not the alarm has struck, leaving everyone literally by the fire, was raided. She fled, along with a physically disabled friend, who is in the water, by drowning died, and as one of the more than eighty dead from the fire.

Theo Angelopoulos for many years was the face of the “new Greek cinema” that flourished after, in 1974, an end had come to the right kolonelsregime in Greece. He came in 2012, 76 years old, to life in an equally stupid as dramatic accident: he was a motorcyclist hit by a car during filming in Athens for the film ‘the other Sea’. That was the second part of a planned trilogy, centered on the deep financial and economic crisis in which his country found itself. Part one, ‘The Weeping Meadow’, he had finished.

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