Adriaan Van den Hoof ready for a new week of Switch

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This summer it is every day of the week again, Time for a Switchke!’ with Adriaan Van den Hoof. Start every Monday five candidates to their Switch-week, with a daily jackpot of 1000 euro. Next week switching back and forth five new candidates – with roots in Herzele, Stevoort, Meerdonk, Ribbon, and Melsele – the week.

In the third season, is Adrian, again surrounded by a host of great, competitive candidates. Adriaan says: “We have 35 fantastic candidates put together. Some had already so often the Switch Game was played that they have in the real place wanted to exchange for a good answer.”

Lotte Closely (Herzele)
Lotte Closely (24) comes from Herzele and works as a Dutch language teacher in Halle. She lives currently with her parents, but would like to move in with her boyfriend Bart. Lotte plays volleyball in a league and loves playing the clarinet, reading, badminton, running and swimming in her free time. She is afraid of anything with feathers.

Tom Schepers (Stevoort)
Tom Schepers (38) lives in Stevoort and is a teacher of electricity and mechanics. Together with his girlfriend, Dagmar, he has two sons. Tom loves to run with his girlfriend, will cheer for his sporty children and kickboxing in his spare time. He is an avid handyman and converted his own house. Tom is afraid of mice.

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