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According to the SEC ETF decision: NASDAQ crypto-currencies advises


The SEC has advanced a Bitcoin ETF, the Winklevoss had proposed to the brothers, again a tie. In Parallel, the American stock exchange, the NASDAQ holds a Meeting to work on the legitimacy of crypto-currencies. At the table, representatives of the traditional financial industry, as well as the crypto scene sat.

For the third Time, the brothers Cameron and Taylor Winklevoss failed with their efforts, a Bitcoin ETF. Once again, the American securities regulator, the SEC, on the other hand had something. It seems that the traditional financial world is not currencies not yet ready for Crypto.

Jumps to NASDAQ for crypto-currencies in the breach?

A Meeting of, the American stock exchange, NASDAQ einberaumte in the past week, crypto-enthusiasts, however, regain a little hope. Together with representatives from the crypto scene and Old Economy, including Gemini, the Exchange, the Winklevoss brothers, advising them on ways crypto-currencies in the future in the Mainstream.

As the Bloomberg news Agency reported, the Meeting took place behind closed doors. For this reason, a Stand is now, nothing More of possible results is known. However, it should be gone according to unnamed sources about how to meet possible regulatory measures and the confidence in the scene could strengthen.

The NASDAQ is the largest electronic stock exchange in the United States, especially in the case of a technology company, a popular meeting place for IPOs. Among other things, Amazon, Apple and Facebook are part of the NASDAQ-100. Is controlled, the NASDAQ, the securities regulator, the SEC – of the authority, the brothers Winklevoss-approval for Bitcoin-had denied the ETF.

NASDAQ, CEO of crypto-currencies is shown open to

In Adena Friedman, CEO of NASDAQ, has the crypto scene, at least, a great advocate. So she called crypto-currencies, once as a right step in the currency area. Further, you stated:

“I think that the idea of a more globalised payment mechanism that is more efficient than what we have today, the Transfer of money between countries, and certainly the Internet economy.”

The NASDAQ had also teamed up early on as a pioneer among the traditional exchanges. So you followed the Plan, when the time comes, also crypto exchange. In addition, unlike the SEC is a proponent of alternative trading options for Bitcoin & co. announced last year, NASDAQ until mid-2018 Bitcoin Futures start. With regard to this issue, is lagging behind the Rest of the Old Economy.

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