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Accenture’s Patent offers a new Blockchain technology

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An application for an Accenture Patent was recently published by the US patent authority, after it was submitted in January. The concept uses the Blockchain technology to enable improved delivery services with automated technology. Walmart has filed patents that revolve around similar processes.

Service Delivery Accenture’s Patent

The Accenture Patent describes the Integration of driverless or Autonomous vehicles and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) for analysis, Transmission and delivery of “a product, a commodity, medicine, food, an organism, or cosmetics”.

Blockchain is crucial for the encryption and storage of data, the automated analysis of the entire supply chain to be created. Spectral (UAV light), chemical and molecular analyses will be highlighted as possible evidence.


The automated supply chain will continue to be described with a Plan for automated action chains. The results of the automated analysis of the subsequent automated actions. This could be the easiest, if it’s the right package, wherein the third action creates a work order to process the articles for the adoption to be for the right Route scheduled, or to send a message to a human request.

Accenture and Blockchain

Accenture has developed from a headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, one of the most prestigious global Management and consulting company. In the year 2017, the company has been included in the Business Insider list of the Top 9 companies in the deliberations.

The company achieved this year a turnover of 2.6 billion dollars, but achieved in 2017, with net sales of 34.9 billion US dollars. Currently, more than 425,000 Accenture employs staff with customers in more than 200 cities in 120 countries.

The company has six operating divisions. Each benefits directly from the Blockchain technology because of the immutability and confidentiality of a cryptographically secure Blockchain data, more efficient data storage and transactions, and the perfect Integration of other technologies such as Autonomous vehicles, AI (artificial intelligence), machine Learning and Internet of things (IoT). The increasing implementation of these things is revolutionizing the supply chain industry and the whole business world:

The company has done this year to start the implementation of its identity solution software, which is based on cryptography and immutability of the Blockchain technology. At the beginning of this year, the SAP, which offers many similar Services for Accenture announced that a new Blockchain-based business solutions.

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