A lot of damage after the passage typhoon in Japan

c547532037b19a419e1b232ac1220233 - A lot of damage after the passage typhoon in Japan

The typhoon Jongdari Sunday all ugly wreaked havoc in Japan. The emergency services report at least twenty injured and the damage is significant.

The typhoon swept with a wind speed of 180 km/hour and came Sunday at 01.00 hours local time (Saturday, 17.00 pm (Belgian time) to land on Honshu, the largest Japanese island. Weerdeskundigen have Jongdari, meanwhile, weakened to a tropical storm.

The storm is accompanied with powerful wind gusts and heavy rainfall. Just about 36.500 people have been evacuated in the city of Shobara and of 6,300 in the city of Kure. According to Japanese public broadcaster sit to 150,000 households without power. There are already twenty wounded cases.

The airlines have been at least 168 flights cancelled and many train services have been deleted.

Yet another natural disaster

It is just another disaster for Japan. The western region Chugoku was the beginning of July affected by heavy flooding and landslides. People were about 220 deaths. About 4,000 residents of the stricken region live in miserable conditions, including temporary shelters because their homes have not been repaired.

In mid-July ravaged, extreme summer heat in Japan. It fell about thirty dead. More than 10,000 people had to be located in hospitals to get treatment for a zonneslag.

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