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Hamburger SV German Bundesliga cooperates with NAGA

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The Hamburger sport Verein and the Fintech Start-up NAGA a strategic partnership. For NAGA, who have just brought a ICO, you go to the long-term positioning in the football League. The HSV needs to do everything, right there again. So the partnership could both use.

The last season will probably go down as the most bitter in the history of the Hamburger SV. After years of struggle for Survival in the football League no longer managed the team to qualify for another season in the upper house. The result: the bitter gear in the second League.

With NAGA back in the Bundesliga

Now a crypto-launch is expected to help up to get the once-proud club out of the woodwork. From next season, the NAGA Group AG is a Partner of the Hamburg football Association. Agreed a comprehensive presence of the company on the club grounds, including banner ads in people’s Park stadium, and the display on the display panel in the case of statistics or goals.

Behind the partnership’s long-term strategy. The NAGA Group would like as a partner and Sponsor advertising on a long-term foot in the football business – on favorite in the first division of the Bundesliga. Also, HSV want to go there again as soon as possible. Therefore, the acquisition of new sponsors and strategic partners is important to provide financially for the well prepared. With the NAGA Group is another stone.

NAGA: Fintech Start-up with the ICO

The NAGA Group is a publicly listed company with headquarters in Hamburg, the active currencies, among other things, the Trading of virtual goods and Crypto. In December of 2017, started a ICO, flushed about 40 million euros in the coffers of the company.

“We are a Hamburger company, but globally as well – similar to the city of Hamburg and HSV, with its international team. Our values and entrepreneurial settings fit together so perfectly. Also, the HSV is open for new technologies, for which we are in NAGA as a strong Partner,“

so NAGA-Executive Board Benjamin Bilski.

Crypto and football

Even if the NAGA AG a Blockchain-Start is not directly up, could you guide your range of crypto-trade options with the public focus in Germany on crypto-currencies. Thus, the continuation of a Trend that had already suggested itself in the run-up to the soccer world Cup – crypto-currencies in the football.

Whether it is the JR10-Token Bayern player James Rodriguez or the Ronaldinho Soccer Coin, the players have recognized their own crypto-currency as a means of strengthening its own brand. Also, in the context of a larger Blockchain projects football player to be active, such as the former Barcelona player Carles Puyol and Andres Iniesta. If the development continues, we will be able to get used to probably crypto-advertising on the gangs of football stadiums.

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