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According to Volkswagen: IOTA is also working with Audi

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The Audi think tank, and the IOTA Foundation come together and explore new ways to use the Tangle network in the mobility. The test run follows the broad partnership IOTAs with the parent company Volkswagen. In this case, both partners are open to share the results also with outsiders, and so the whole Ecosystem forward.

In June, the IOTA Foundation and the Volkswagen group announced at CEBIT in 2018 and the Start of their cooperation. Together they presented a Proof-of-Concept for software radio transmission. Thus, Volkswagen would like to realize with the help of IOTAs Tangle a DLT solution for its vehicles. So the data supply of the Volkswagen cars is to be ensured in a sustainable manner. Volkswagen also has Autonomous Driving as a model for the Future in the back of the head.

DLT-test-run in a small frame

This week IOTA together with Audi, which is also the Wolfsburg group. The IOTA Foundation was launched together with the Audi think tank in Berlin, a week-long Design Sprint. In a Medium Post, to be explored in this test run for new ideas, the possibilities, the can play the Tangle in the mobility. To do this, you want to create a simple prototype and positive Feedback of the customers hope.

With the Design Sprint IOTA and Audi are testing a new way to work on the technological advancement of the automotive industry. According to IOTA a test run in a small frame ideal to put the focus on Innovation and development. The 15-member Team of the Audi think tank that forms a good Foundation, together with the DLT-experts in IOTA, viable concepts.

IOTA and mobility

The field of mobility is currently one of the main areas in which the Foundation would like to bring in the Tangle. Only this month it launched the project for Cariota (an acronym from the Car, and IOTA), the works on the networking of cars and the Tangle. In addition, it is tried in numerous partnerships to develop new practical fields of application for the Tangle.

The IOTA course today is whether the announcement in the upward trend. The Coin MIOTA was able to rise in the last 24 hours to a good seven per cent, and its place in the Top 10 to solidify. What application can are the options in addition to mobility for IOTAs Tangle and what exactly is behind the technology, your BTC-ECHO read.

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