Ultimatum for ex-bodyguard to osama Bin laden

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GELSENKIRCHEN – A former bodyguard of terroristenleider Osama bin laden, who is undeserved by Germany is expelled to Tunisia, by Tuesday back in Germany. That has a court in Gelsenkirchen determined, according to German media. If that fails, threatening a fine of 10,000 euros for the city of Bochum in the case is involved.

Sami A.

Sami A. was Friday, July 13, on a charter plane to his country of birth put although a district court’s eviction at the last minute had forbidden, because he may be tortured. That decision was apparently to leave passed on to the immigration (Bamf).

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Or A. can still be retrieved, is doubtful. Tunisia has to know the man himself to want to sue you for terreuractiviteiten.

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The German authorities have been trying for some time to the former bodyguard of the victim terroristenleider off. There was a commotion when it was found out that A. for years at the expense of the state lived. He got a monthly allowance of more than 1167 euros for his family.

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