Trump receives Juncker

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Against the background of a rising handelsconflict European commission President Jean-Claude Juncker Wednesday in Washington with U.s. president Donald Trump, ten days after that the European Union as ‘the enemy’ purview.

The Luxemburger hopes in the White House, the tensions to ‘dedramatiseren’ and the dialogue going. Washington threatens, indeed, to the import of European cars and auto parts significantly more expensive to make. Particularly unjust Trump the that the USA the import of European cars to only 2.5 percent tax, while the European Union’s 10 percent tax on American cars.

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This is why the United States is currently an investigation as to whether the import of cars and auto parts to national security may compromise. That pretext clutches Trump all in to import of steel and aluminum from Europe, accounting for 6.4 billion euro per year, with heavier burden. Europe responded with increased import tariffs on € 2.8 billion on U.s. products, such as jeans, motorcycles and bourbon.


Now threatens Trump with rates up to 20 percent on European cars. That would be the handelsconflict to a higher level. Europe exports every year for more than € 50 billion in cars and parts to the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. European retaliation against duties on cars would mutadis mutandis, a pack of heavier loss.

European policy makers remain nevertheless hope that Trump abandons his plans and for dialogue choose. The spokesman for Juncker, stressed earlier this week that the President of the commission, without a concrete offer on the plane is stepped. “There are no proposals. It is an opportunity to speaking with each other, ” says the spokesman, who added that Juncker maintenance in the White House, at 13.30 hours local time (19.30 hours in Belgium) wants to use the opportunity to ‘every possible handelsspanning to dedramatiseren and an open and constructive dialogue’.


But it is anyway to wait and see the extent to which Juncker Trump of course could change. Recently labelled the irresponsible president of the EU openly as ‘an enemy’ on handelsvlak. That the Commission of Juncker last week, the American Google, with a megaboete rebuked, his mood already not good have done. As icing on the cake took Trump Friday, also to the European interest rate policy.

After his interview with Trump is the Wednesday on Juncker to be to shine a light on the state of European-American relations. At 16.00 hrs local time (22 hours in Belgium) he will submit a speech at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

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