Touch Lilly Becker homeless?

Lilly and Boris Becker are all of times in divorce, but the two still live together. From the tightly wound fight between the two where even the police only had to come, it appears that they are no longer under one roof to live. Lilly wants to also move, but can not…

Lilly Becker

Lilly and son Amadeus would have an eye drop at a rented house in the vicinity of their current villa. If all goes well, they would be here in August to live in. But everything is not going well: according to Bild, there would be no money for the new house.

The German newspaper reports that the rent and deposit already paid, should have been, still open. Lilly has Boris to pay, but it looks like her plans thwarts. “If Boris is not financially over the bridge, then threaten Amadeus and Lilly are homeless to be,” let the advocate of Lilly know.

Afraid that a cardboard box under a bridge to her new home, Lilly. Friends want her financial help so that they have a roof over her head.

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