Topgangster with helicopter escaped, it is possible to spotted in car with explosives

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The French gangster Redoine Faïd (46), at the beginning of July could escape from the prison of the French Réau, would re-by the fingers of the police slipped during a chase. Faïd was possible in a car with explosives, which was later found in an underground parking garage.

The police in Paris have Tuesday night a car with explosives found in an underground parking garage of shopping center. The police had two persons chased during a routine check at a petrol station were fled in the direction of Sarcelles. In the case of the wagon there were false number plates and explosives. That reports Le Parisien. Various French media are reporting that a ” very large amount of explosives’ went, but the French court has not yet confirmed.

One of the two occupants of the car would Redoine Faïd. The topgangster escaped from the prison after a helicopter with some heavily armed men on board in the courtyard was landed. Faïd was at that time in the ‘ entrance. Some fellow inmates have filmed the escape:


Faïd was in 2011 arrested for an armed robbery in which a police officer was killed and must have a term of imprisonment of 25 years to sit out.


The topgangster is not to his advantage. In 2013, he escaped from a prison near Lille. When verkleedde himself as a warden, and he made use of binnengesmokkelde explosives. He kidnapped four warders on his way to the outside. Only six weeks later, he could again be arrested.

The French-Algerian ‘ontsnappingskoning’ spent also for his conviction in 2011, already many years behind bars. He led in the nineties, a gang that is armed robbery, organized in and around Paris. He said that hollywood movies like Scarface him to do so, had inspired. In 2009 he wrote even a book about his criminal past.

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