Swedish student prevents expulsion Afghan man by down to sit on the plane

A Swedish student has Tuesday the expulsion of an Afghan man has been foiled. The young woman refused a quarter of an hour to sit on the plane that the man to Turkey had, after which the man from the plane took out.

On a flight of Turkish Airlines from Gothenburg to Istanbul had the 22-year-old Elin Ersson Tuesday a ticket for a spot in the row before the row where a 52-year-old Afghan man was. Hence, the man would voortvliegen to the Afghan capital Kabul. When Ersson the story of the man heard it, she took her phone to fourteen minutes long ‘live’ to go on Facebook.

In the video is to see how Ersson around in an emotional plea emphasized that the man likely to be killed if he is deported’. Since the aircraft could not take off while Ersson rechtstond, penetrated the cabin crew and other passengers that the woman would be seated, but that she refused to the Afghan man from the plane was taken. After a quarter of an hour, she got support from a few other passengers, and it was decided to have the man from the plane.

Punishment and praise

Swedish authorities have already let know that the man eventually expelled will be, although there is no date recorded. Ersson would be in addition to six months ‘ imprisonment risk because she refused politiebevelen to follow.

The young woman gets in the meantime worldwide, both praise as criticism for her act. The video collected on a single day two million viewers on Facebook.

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