Shaky Shane has a new single

a052d32712a874043897f4ececad734b - Shaky Shane has a new single

Less than a 15-year-old age started Shaky Shane already imitating Shakin’ Stevens. This brought him in 1994 in the direction of the VTM Soundmix Show. This singer is passionate about Rock ‘n Roll!
Will soon start Shane with a tribute band Shakin’ Stevens. If everything goes according to plan, will be the beginning of 2019, a fact later the festivals to be able to use a protein skimmer.

Before that, there is the new single “Crazy” on 29 July, appears, and via well-known channels to obtain is under the record label of R. S Music.. Wendy D’joos wrote the English text. Jean-Pierre Kerkhofs made in the Artsound Recording Studios for the production. This song is actually an adaptation of Shakin’ Stevens’ “You shake me up” from 1984.

(Nico Vanaken)

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