Pommeline, and Fabrizio filming their sex life for a new Five-program

‘Temptation Island’couple Pommeline and Fabrizio will be for the Five-program ‘Sex Tape’ of their relationship and their sex life. Thereafter, seksuologe Good Liekens analyze the images. This fall is the series on the tube.

In april, Five in frantic search of Flemish couples that their relationships and their sexual achievements in bed for a week in image want to bring. Those recordings are then discussed in detail with Goedele Liekens. That everything happens under the supervision of the camera – and so also curious Flanders. With Pommeline, and Fabrizio is the first set is already known.

From the first clips shows that the busy Temptation-torque less industrious in bed than you might expect. The one time it does, the camera of course good, and taken in bed. The result is a lovemaking session in Temptation-style…

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