Music Show Scotland-bagpipes and Micha Marah animate tram

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Thanks to the topical temperatures, the bouwverlof and our national holiday, you could get it last weekend on their heads walk to our Belgian coast. A mass of people in movement and those who opted for The Tram, got on some extra entertainment thanks to the bagpipers and drummers of the Music Show Scotland. Together with Micha Marah moved the company itself to promote the new show, which is on Saturday 17 november in the Antwerp Sportpaleis. “People respond immediately when they are with us in our suit to hear play on our instruments. People come to the music and after asking them nicely if they can make a photo, or a selfie,” says Music Show Scotland-the driving force behind Hans Beerten. Shared your photos on Facebook, then you had the chance to VIP tickets to win for the “Sportpaleis” -concert. At the tram-stops of Nieuwpoort and Middelkerke was there in no time a mass of people, just like in Blankenberge, where Micha Marah pressure applied was for photos. “I find it really fun to make people enthusiastic for the antwerp Sportpaleis. Music Show Scotland invited me to a couple of songs to sing on november 17, and I invite the people on my turn love for from. I’m in Denmark watching and what they see and hear is beyond category.” In Ostend took Micah with her company for even a stunt. After the pleasant break in the Kapellestraat, walked into the enthusiastic gang to the Q-Beach House. There they were welcomed by a presenter, Show Smet: “Best Q-listeners, it is the first time that you bagpipes are going to hear on the Qmusic”, what followed was a mini-gig. Music Show Scotland and Micha Marah ended at half past eight their promotional tour on the evening of Mariakerke, including an extensive photo session with the audience.

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