Juncker takes a sigh of relief: Trump is moderate

WASHINGTON – Hands on thighs, sitting upright. Jean-Claude Juncker was clearly not ’in charge’ during the joint press conference with Donald Trump, but he saw to his great relief, a temperate, mild-positive president.

Donald Trump explains paternal, very briefly, the hand of Jean-Claude Juncker.

Trump was critical of the import tariffs of the EU, and will respond, but the US president struck a moderate tone with Juncker on his side. He praised the ’block’ that the EU and the US together, it is responsible for 50 % of the trade.

Advance was feared that Trump the visit of Juncker would use to forward to catch up to the EU, which he did in the past ’an enemy’ had been mentioned. That was easy: Trump was fairly enthusiastic about both European Commission-president Juncker and the EU.

Trump is in one’s own country under fire for its trade war. Because the farmers for their agricultural produce hardly could have been lost in China, had the Us government a subsidy up to the farmers to support. The taxpayer is running on. Cost: $ 12 billion.

Quarrel with Cohen

In addition, one by his former lawyer Michael Cohen-recorded tape come out. Immediately after the press conference buitelden journalists over each other to ask questions about it – while there is very little attention seemed to be for Juncker.

Trump ignored the journalists, but had already responded to the tapes of Cohen, from CNN to the outside. “What a lawyer makes recordings of his own client? So sad!”

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