James Gunn’s Starsky and Hutch reboot cancelled by Amazon

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The cancel of the movie has nothing to do with the recent Twitter scandal, let Amazon know.

The board of directors of Amazon Studios has confirmed that the reboot of Starsky and Hutch with director James Gunn cancelled. It has, according to Amazon, however, has nothing to do with the Twitter scandal surrounding Gunn.

The filmmaker was recently dismissed as director at the third part of Guardians of the Galaxy, after tweets on the daylight had come in which Gunn strange things to say about pedophilia.

Then offered the director his apologies and he emphasised that the whole of the old tweets and that he now would never do that.

A spokesman for Amazon Studios tells Yahoo Finance that the Starsky and Hutch project is already months ago has stopped, long before the Twitter scandal.

“There was no statement about come out”, says the spokesperson. “But do we really always so, if we have a project there where we go.”

It is unclear why the reboot of Starsky and Hutch, not.

Meanwhile Gunn endorsements from friends and colleagues from the film world, and many have signed already the petition to the bosses of Disney to let them know that she Gunn need to pick up as a director of the third Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Among them are actors Dave Bautista and Selma Blair, and filmmaker Joe Carnahan, all of which contribute to the Guardians of the Galaxy-series.

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