Hillary Clinton displays her acting talents in television drama ‘Madam Secretary’

Former first lady and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has made a guest appearance to address in the openingsaflevering of the fifth season of the political drama series ‘Madam Secretary’, to see us at FIVE. Also, Madeleine Albright and Colin Powell, as Clinton’s former ministers of Foreign Affairs in the United States, get a guest assigned, so message entertainmentmagazine The Hollywood Reporter.

Albright was the first woman to the post of minister of Foreign Affairs held. They got a guest appearance in the second season of ‘Madam Secretary’. Also in the series ‘Parks and Recreation’ and ‘Gilmore Girls’, if she her acting talent show, each time in the role of themselves.

Powell had a cameo in the American tv series ” JAG ” in 1997. Also Clinton appeared once before in a series; they had a cameo in the sitcom ‘Broad City’ in 2016.

‘Madam Secretary’ scores, on average, approximately 8 million viewers in the US. In the fourth season appeared, the Belgian actor Fouad Hajji, known for his role in the thriller “The Mummy Resurrected” (in 2014), in the second episode of the series.

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