Henry Cavill teaches the wise life lessons from an octogenarian

2c3e0255118e59cffca2d6f1fed202e9 - Henry Cavill teaches the wise life lessons from an octogenarian

Cavill has a lot on the quotes, that to him especially to help on days that he is not a positive feel.

Actor Henry Cavill used wise life lessons from an octogenarian to be so with both feet on the ground and keep things in perspective.

The Justice League-star reveals that he has a notebook in carries with 50 different quotes that contribute to a pleasant and happy life. Cavill takes the quotes almost daily and that gives him a good feeling.

“A good friend sent me this a long time ago, and since then, I read it every day. Whether it’s a good day or a bad day, but especially on bad days, it helps me to be positive and to have certain things in perspective.”

It comes to quotes as “Sing in the shower’, ‘Be accurate in your choice of friends, because that determines 90 percent of all your happiness or adversity,” or ” never Let a chance to someone to tell you that you love her’.

“It is important for me to sometimes look differently at certain things to look at,” said Henry in Good Morning America. “It helps to see life from the eyes of an octogenarian.”

Although Henry does not know whether the lessons of life, actually an octogenarian, or simply a friend who who the quotes came up, he believes truly that of a ‘wise old soul’.

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