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Google again shows crypto-friendly attitude


After Facebook has already eased in mid-June, his ban again, even Google. Since a few days, re-advertising for crypto projects in the network. The easing coincides timely with the announcement of its own partnerships in the area of Blockchain.

The decision of Facebook, Google and Twitter to ban the advertising of block chain-based projects, attracted a lot of hostility in the crypto world. It is the impression that the Tech giants, Start-ups and new projects, small wanted to keep. In addition, it was speculated that the large companies work, possibly even to own Blockchain-products and, therefore, a General prohibition for advertising debates.

Policy is now designed to be different apparently

To the wording of Google’s policies, nothing has changed. While the Directive has yet to be designed a week ago, so that no crypto projects could be advertised, this has changed in the meantime. Now you may also apply again, crypto projects, conferences, and Blockchain-products. However, the prohibition for ICOs and other forms of investment. Before you realized the De-facto ban by stop words. Certain terms, such as, for example, the “Blockchain” or “Crypto fell”, was not released in the display. This also had the consequence that they could bypass the ban on advertising also. Now, there is speculation that Google has a Whitelist. This would require that Google checks for advertised projects in more detail.

Why on lifts Google the ban now?

What is interesting is the date that Google has chosen to cryptographic admit advertising again. For it is only on 25. July, Google introduced its partnerships with Start-ups, Digital Asset and block apps on the conference Google Cloud Next in San Francisco. In addition, the Tech giant moved now for the second Time with Facebook. Facebook lifted its ban at the end of June.

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