’Flags Trump on loose screws by own trade war’

8cef277a09cae6089f7eef0704769a8d - ’Flags Trump on loose screws by own trade war’

FUYANG – The red-white-and-blue flags for the campaign for Donald Trumps second election as the US president are manufactured in China and are ready to be shipped, but may be they will soon become more expensive. Probably should Trump even looking for a new company.

That has everything to do with the trade war with China, writes Reuters news agency, which is ironically by the Centre itself was started. The flags, that now the words ’Keep America Great!’ fame, are presumably substantially more expensive.

The company Jiahao Flag Co Ltd working women at sewing machines towels of the Trump 2020-flags to cut to size. Others bind them together into packets for transmission. Recently, the factory gets a large order received. Since march of 90,000 banners produced – an unprecedented number for this time, normally the low season.

According to manager Yao Yuanyuan has that to do with the trade war. “That has to do with each other,” said Yanyuan. “They order is already a lot, and make use of the rates have not went up. Now, the prices are still low.”


The U.s. government announced recently import tariffs for Chinese goods with a value of 34 billion. When China responded with equal resources, announced Trump new rates for products with a value of 200 billion, accompanied by the threat, all the import tax – inclusive flags and towels, so.

Trump now seems to be eggs for money to choose, and to order, while you still can, all the flags in no time.

Loyal customer lost

The company Jiahao Flag Co Ltd has been making for years flags for Trump, and was also the campaign ” Make America Great Again’, but the trade war seems to be to drive a wedge between the two successful partners.

“When he [Trump, red.] so continue with import tariffs, and continues collaborating with those who are against China are, I can certainly not place new orders, to accept,” said Yao Yuanyuan.

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