Brewers can drinking Germans do not track

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Due to the ongoing heat seize Germans more often for a fresh pint. It gives the brewers more and worry less, because their recycling process may not follow. There is therefore a shortage of crates and bottles.

It is not abnormal that the Germans had more beer to drink in the summer, but with the unusually early and persistent heat had the brewers not taken into account. The German brouwersvereniging speaks of a ‘particularly pronounced’ shortage of beer bottles and crates.

Germans have the habit to bring their empty beverage bottles to bring back to the point of sale. Now urges the sector to consumers to to their packaging as soon as possible to bring back, for example they are on holiday leave. Brewery Fiege from Bochum launched such a call via Facebook.

If August and september are not to fall into the water, is 2018 a good year for the brewers. Last year drank in the average German 101 litres of beer. In the eighties, this was still 140 litres.

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