Actress Vanessa Redgrave in honored for career

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The British actress Vanessa Redgrave will be at the international film festival of Venice, at the end of August begins, honored with a Gold Ereleeuw for her career. That the organizers of the Mostra today announced.

The 81-year-old Redgrave won an Oscar for the best secondary role for her performance in ‘Julia’ (1977) by Fred Zinnemann. In her career she played in more than a hundred films, including Michelangelo Antonioni’s art-househit to ‘Blow Up’ (1966). Furthermore, she was Anna Boleyn in ‘A Man for all seasons’, Guinevere in ‘Camelot’, a dancer Isidora Duncan in “Isadora’, Andromache in ” The Trojan Women, Queen Mary in ‘Mary, Queen of Scots’ and the (non-historical) Ruth Wilcox in “Howard’s End”.

For ‘Isadora’, she was in 1969 in Cannes awarded as the best actress. In Venice she fell in 1994 in the prices as the best supporting act in the movie ‘Little Odessa’.

Redgrave is married to Franco Nero, actor in many Italian spaghettiwestern. Festival director Alberto Barbera praised Redgrave because of her “sensitive, infinitely diverse filmvertolkingen” and her “natural elegance, innate seduction art and extraordinary talent”.

Had the organizers already announced that the Canadian cultregisseur David Cronenberg, known for his horrorthrillers and sciencefictionprenten, also on a Golden Ereleeuw can count.

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