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“We need to protect you against naked”

With a playful video and an open letter calls on Tourism Flanders social media such as Facebook to nude figures in paintings to allow on their networks. “Our unique cultural heritage is now unfortunately classified as pornographic.’ Facebook invites Tourism Flanders is now out on the coffee.

Social media such as Facebook make no distinction between pornographic exposed and naked in the art. Naked figures in the paintings of the Flemish Masters are mercilessly weggecensureerd. That the Flemish toerismepromotor Tourism Flanders sue. A funny short film showing how ‘naaktkijkers with a facebook account kindly – but mandatory – invited to the Rubensmuseum in Antwerp to leave. With the stunt, recorded with a hidden camera, and an open letter sends Flanders is an invitation to Facebook to get this together to solve.

‘Our Flemish Masters tempt every year, hundreds of thousands of people to Flanders to visit and we are extremely proud of, ” says Peter De Wilde, ceo, Tourism Flanders. ‘With our multi-annual programme around Rubens, Bruegel and van Eyck that in 2018, we aim by the end of 2020 to three million casual visitors. Unfortunately, awareness of our unique cultural heritage is today not possible via the most popular social media. Our art is classified under the heading of indecent and even pornographic. That is very unfortunate.’

‘We would not be better off on the coffee?”, focus Tourism Flanders directly to Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg in the open letter. “Then we will discuss how we make our Flemish Masters a place on your platform. A place that they deserve. Because, you know, art connects, just like social media. Was Peter Paul Rubens at the time, on Facebook, he would have a lot of followers on his fan page.’

Facebook: ‘Only censorship on ads”

Facebook has responded to that call. “We invite Tourism Flanders is like on the coffee, it sounds. When (and with whom) the call would take place is still unclear.

Still want the socialenetwerksite also a and another to straighten. So is it true, according to them, is not that nude paintings or statues on ordinary posts deleted or censored. Who a photo of a painting by Rubens showing breasts, buttocks, and cherubim wants to share, can, that, according to Facebook perfect. That is also stated explicitly in the Facebook guidelines.

For ads, other, stricter rules. For ads is the sexual content, artistic or educational nude (except statues) is forbidden. And the painting which Tourism Flanders refers to in his open letter, according to Facebook for an ad and not a regular post.

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