Public gruwt of dubbing Barry Atsma in Bad Banks

The first episode of the German, dubbed series of Bad Banks on NPO 1 may Tuesday a good 525.000 viewers drawn, on Twitter, it was with horror responded to the dubbing by Barry Atsma.

Barry Atsma may of the viewers at the German keep it

Last week Thursday, the NPO is known for the first time a foreign series for an adult audience after syncing. In this German series, Bad Banks, plays Barry Atsma in the lead role, a notorious banker known for his high profits and risky policy. He has his German texts women. Director at NPO French Small spoke of an experiment and said curious as to how viewers would react. If it is a success, the NPO are more likely to have foreign series dubbing.

But a success was not the case, judging from the displeasure that flushed was on Twitter. Fearful and determined, annoyed it is called. It would be so much better to see that it is recorded. “I don’t get this (expensive) choice, I hope it will remain at this.” “This is so not looking at it”, says another. Comparisons shall be drawn. “I constantly think a Merci chocolate advertising to hear, what a horror.” And: “Who in the hell approved that?”.

French is so Small. But just as an experiment, try the public service broadcasting yet again to the critical twitter to explain, with the note that on the themakanaal of the NPO the series with subtitles to see. That creates for viewers a little; then why not that themakanaal the experiment done? And where they can themakanaal at all? “Dubbing is terrible at commercials, and I’ve never heard someone beg for dubbing in tv series. From the trailer I got all itching, from the first minute of tonight, I got red spots. Stop it! Now! Right away!”.

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