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Payment by crypto-currency allowed: Samsung cooperates with CopPay


Turn on the future: In a number of Baltic States you can settle soon currencies in selected stores of Samsung its account with a different Crypto. Payment via Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, Nem and Steem will be introduced soon in several Online Shops of Samsung.

Under the Slogan “Turn on the future” was announced to be the payment service provider CopPay from Lithuania, the cooperation with the technology giant Samsung. In the Samsung Stores in Riga, Tallinn, Vilnius and Kaunas, the crypto and hold currencies and enter. Who wants to buy his TV, Smartphone, Tablet, PC or Laptop from Samsung, you can do this in the future by Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, Nem and Steem.

In the announcement of the company to forecast, in principle, an increase in modern methods of payment. Digital payment options should continue to play in Restaurants and in the retail industry a greater role. CopPay hopes its customers with a compensation-to convince program. Who is able to bring his contacts to pay with this new Option, of getting anything out of it. For the customer, as well as the broadening of 3.000 COP-Token to wave as an incentive.

CopPay – a drop on the hot stone?

The payment platform of CopPay, however, is comparatively small. The level of acceptance you have to search on the map of the provider formally with the magnifying glass. The company currently has 31 partners in Portugal, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Of course, the message sounds with Samsung full of hope and lifts the mood in the crypto community a little. 31 shops, including the participating cafes and Restaurants but in comparison to the mass of possible acceptance points alone in Eastern Europe and Portugal as a drop on the hot stone.

Investor warns: In the case of an SEC regulation would drag Samsung of Ripple back

Meanwhile, we get a warning in the British press before the crypto-currency Ripple (XRP). Anatoly Castella of the investment company Elpis Investments against the UK’s Sunday Express to not understand that he sees Ripple as a real cryptocurrency. The Ripple is not mined by the members of the Community, but exclusively from the mother group. Also, there is no decentralized Blockchain, through which the Transfers are handled. In the case of a regulation by the US securities and exchange Commission, the Investor expects short-term rates fall. In the long term, you should see the XRP as a digital means of payment or assets, which is possessed by only to institutional investors. Currently, much of this Coins belongs to the company Ripple Labs. If a regulatory threat by the SEC, would also make the Samsung back out of it, believe the other observers. The cooperation between CopPay and Samsung gives this Coin a value, it does not deserve, says the analysis.

On demand of the managing Director of Ripple, known as Saudi-Arabia have, as a country with the second largest Oil reserves, nevertheless, the control of these fossil fuels. To stay with this comparison: Just because his company own a majority of the Coins, you have not the full control of it.

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