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Moon-replica known of Ghent’s light Festival is missing

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The work of art ‘Museum of the moon’ of the Brit Luke Jerram, a replica of the moon with a diameter of seven metres, is missing. The artwork was at the beginning of this year to marvel at the light Festival in Ghent and grew to become one of the crowd pullers.

The artist made the disappearance itself known through Twitter. According to Jerram, the work of art goes missing during transit of the Uk-Bristol to Austria. The courier service TNT was in for the transport.

The work to create based the artist on satellite images from Nasa. Every inch will reportedly match five kilometers of lunar surface. The replica was already on several events in Europe to see, including the light Festival in Ghent, and was this summer, in even more places booked.

TNT has in the meantime admitted that the ” moon of Jerram is not more to find. The company performs an in-depth investigation. Jerram is now calling on the help of the general public, under the hashtag #findthemoon.

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