Mel B relieved after diagnosis

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In an interview with British talk show Loose Women told Mel B why she was so happy with the diagnosis that they were a year ago.

Mel B

There was her dyslexia identified. “I had all my life, the feeling that my brain is different. I tried to hide, but didn’t know what I am disguised,” says Mel.

“I saw the words the other way around or had a script time and again from my head to learn. Sometimes I did five months on a chapter of a book to read, but I didn’t understand where that was. That is why I am so happy in the entertainment business, where it comes to creativity like singing, dancing and writing.”

When the Spice Girl was told that she’s dyslexic, it was a huge relief for her. “I was so stupid, as there often told me was said at school. That was a nightmare at the time, the struggle which I then had to deliver. Talking about it helps me also very much. Dyslexia is nothing to be ashamed of.”

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