’Karina Smulders runs an escort agency’

Karina Smulders, Susan Radder, and the Flemish actress Hilde van Mieghem play the lead roles in the new Dutch-Flemish drama series Keizersvrouwen. That have AVROTROS, producer Ringer Movie distributor Dutch FilmWorks Wednesday announced.

Karina Smulders

Keizersvrouwen is about love, family ties and secrets in the world of luxury escort and drug cartels. The series brings the underworld of Amsterdam and Antwerp still more in the daylight. Smulders plays Xandra, a housewife who has a double life, leads as the head of an escort agency. Van Mieghem plays her mother, who was a drug cartel runs.

The hyped series with international appeal, is directed by Ben Sombogaart, who had an Oscar nomination received for his film The Twins. He also made hits like The Storm, Kneel on a Bed of Violins, Bride Flight and the hit series the Black Tulip. The series is written by Philip Delmaar and Karin van der meer, who previously Penoza worked, and Marnie Blok (Ramses).

The pictures of Keizersvrouwen go this summer started. The rest of the cast will be announced soon.

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