“It’s really about between Nikki Bella and John Cena’

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The rummage around for quite a while into the relationship between Nikki Bella and John Cena, but recently they appeared again, full of for each other. Now Nikki, however, only the housing market is up, seem to be the odds final season.

Nikki Bella (r.) wants her independence back and near her sister Brie (l.) go live

Sources in the circle of Nikki tell TMZ that they on your own are looking for a property in San Diego, preferably close to her sister Brie. Despite the breaking of their engagement shortly before their marriage, she was with John Cena to continue to live, of whom they still said to keep. But with the search for a place of its own, it seems they are now really distance.

It is the first time that Nikki want to buy a house and therefor she has a budget of slightly more than $ 1 million. She expects a house with at least four bedrooms, good security and a swimming pool. Meanwhile, it should be they’re already two houses have viewed, in gated communities.

Meanwhile, John has traveled around in China. That gives Nikki the more opportunity to think about what they of life and of John want. According to the insiders want them especially her independence back. And that does bode well for the already shaky relationship with John Cena. That is, according to the acquaintances, in any case, at this moment really about.

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