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Italian University wants to store certificates on Ethereum-a Blockchain

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The University of Cagliari in Sardinia wants to use the Ethereum block Chain. The goal is the generation of digital certificates, which are secured against manipulation and counterfeiting. The idea is not new.

As the University of Cagliari on 20. July, will introduce you first of all for the computer science degree program a System for all of the certificates on the Ethereum block Chain are stored. Later you want to extend the procedure to all degree programmes of the University. In this way, the certificates against tampering and counterfeiting are safe. So future employers can be sure that the certificates are authentic.

Guarantee of authenticity

Maria Del Zompo, the Director of the University of Cagliari, explained this step accordingly:

“We have decided to guarantee the authenticity of European certificates of our graduates with this technology, because we want to provide you with a modern, easy and instant tool that can be used anywhere in the world. A certificate of completion whether on paper or digital, is easily faked or modified. Thanks to this technology, our students can guarantee the potential employers all over the world in an easy and free way, the authenticity and integrity of their digital certificates. Our System does not require the availability of certain Apps on smart phones or access to and registration on a particular site. Everything happens easily and with free Tools.“

To implement this solution, works in the University with the company Flosslab focused on the development of information and communication technologies.

Gianni Fenu, a Professor of computer science and the rector’s delegate for Informatics of the University of Cagliari, is enthusiastic about the solution. He stressed that the Ethereum-created Blockchain, to simplify complex use cases such as securing the University’s certificates.

The First in Italy, but not in the world

The University of Cagliari is the first in Italy that has discovered the Blockchain for the safe-keeping of important data. Worldwide, there are already some universities that implement this principle. The University of Basel also uses the Ethereum-a Blockchain to store course certificates. The University of Melbourne has already begun in the autumn of last year, the achievements and qualifications of students on the Blockchain. The crypto-savvy Malta and is planning to use the Blockchain technology to academic documents.

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