Henceforth, psychological tests for pilots

BRUSSELS – The European Commission has adopted the regulations tightened up in respect of the audit on the mental health of pilots. Airlines will now be commanders, a psychological test to subjects before they can act.

These and other measures have been taken following the tragedy with a unit of GermanWings in march 2015. The co-pilot had an Airbus 320 with 150 people on board during a flight from Barcelona to Dusseldorf intentionally crash. He was ‘mentally ill’ and had suicidal tendencies. No one survived the tragedy.

Pilots are, however, annual medical examination, but a check of the psychological fitness was so far not part of that routine. They will from now on also more likely to be a drug and alcohol test must undergo. This also applies to companies that at destinations in the EU to fly. Also the cabin crew must take account of more stringent spot checks.

The European aviation Safety agency (EASA), the recommendations did, is pleased with the entry into force of new guidelines.

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