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12.000 kilometers, 3,000 euros and only on Tomorrowland

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José Maria de la Torre (24) Chilean Engineer

After fourteen editions, we know it by now: Tomorrowland, that’s the magical nation that is shaking on the visual madness, dance and pure connectedness. But how connected are the people of tomorrow really? A witness in the trail of soloreizigers, looking for a dream and companionship.

Festival or a world heritage site?

“I’ve already travelled a lot, but this is certainly one of the most impressive landscapes that I have seen,” says José Maria de la Torre …

Festival or a world heritage site?

“I’ve already travelled a lot, but this is certainly one of the most impressive landscapes that I have seen,” says José Maria de la Torre (24) from Chile. Fifteen hours of flying and all together such a shoddy 3000 euros later, the young engineer is completely alone in the sunken city of Planaxis, where Tomorrowland this year revolves around. He talks about the festival as if it is about the Taj Mahal or Petra. World heritage in entertainment for the 400,000-dancing tourists in 16 stages. “The attention to detail here is phenomenal,” says José. “You can go to the sets continue to look, because everything is constantly changing.’ The Main Stage entertains with fountains, soap bubbles, giant screens and dancers in theme. The Rose Garden is a dragon of a stage in the best meaning: a gigantic, rose water and rookspuwende dragon that in the course of the day wakes up in his pond. The perfectly chilled Freedom Internship provides you with miles of LED’s surround show to turn away. And so we can go on and on. “But the fireworks are for me the ultimate highlight,” says José. ‘Something you will see nowhere else. For me Tomorrowland is more for the entertainment than the music, but it is the music that you are in that dream world, further pushing. On Axwell & Ingrosso, I have completely given Dancing under fireworks, there are no words for.’

Russian vs. Belgium hospitality

José came three years ago for the first time in Tomorrowland with his cousin. “I noticed then just how social everyone is here writing, so I knew that I would only entertain. Or a little frightening? Not at all. I drink also, only drugs seem to me to be not a good plan if you are here alone.’ Anurag Pareek (33), an Indian lawyer, is here for the first time and felt a little more in the dark. “I saw four years ago online a movie about Tomorrowland, and since then, what the dream to come here.’ Or the dream of the expectations? “Absolutely. Here you live on a single, large, euphoric cloud. And if you are not really crazy, you know.”

Remarkably, Tomorrowland is for different einzelgängers that we are talking almost an country that they visit on their trip through Europe. Both Anurag as José come straight from the finals at the world cup in Russia. ‘And then falls especially on how friendly people are here, ” says José. “Not only the festival goers, but also the employees are very enthusiastic. The difference with the Russians last week could not be greater. Anurag points to a campingmedewerker to that a little further. “One of the finest people that I have the past few days have met.’ The man is waving another excited back also. How woolly Tomorrowland are ‘one community’ idea also sells, in the wake of Jose and Anurag we can not do otherwise than at all times.

The trick with the flag

Tomorrowland, as a country, the connectedness – okay, but how do you connected? Of Facebook and Tinder, you would think that the tools are a solo-traveller on the road to help, but one old-fashioned attachment trumps every online platform: the flag. That apparently works as a red rag to a bull. “I dance with my flag and each Chileen that I come across speaks to me or I to him,” says José. “There is even a Whatsapp group created with all the Chileans who gathered here have come to know. Everyone we encounter, is added to it. I talk not only with compatriots, though, it runs only a little easier in your native language. But let us say that I have been here for about fifteen people got to know with whom it really clicks. Maybe we talk ever still wonder, who knows.’

The trick with the flag would, however, explain why the oversociale Anurag it significantly more difficult to contact. “In India we have a code of conduct. Out of respect for our country, we wear our flag on our body. Plus I don’t drink alcohol, so I stall not contagious zatte talk. I have spent the past day just danced and occasionally a chat hit, but in this loud music, talking with strangers not really with it. So if I ever come back, is the anyway with friends. Because if you have the most beautiful festival in the world should see, then you will want to especially be able to share, I notice now.’

“We ask visitors advance also really like to be their flag to bring and to wear,” says Tomorrowland-spokeswoman Debby Wilmsen. ‘It reinforces the feeling of belonging.’ For those who have no patriotism feel, there is one flag that the charge covers: the flag of Tomorrowland itself. Costs € 32 and is massively bought hear’, Wilmsen further.

Cost of the priceless experience

A visit to Tomorrowland is not cheap. But on the budget of those who really come from far away, we don’t need silly to do: that is absurdly high. Even more absurd: it seems to them there is no ball to do what they need to readily spend. ‘Not money, but experiences will make me richer, ” says Anurag. And so passing there are still a few death eaters. Anurag bought his ticket, not even via the regular market and paid double for, so around 800 euro. For two days, on day three, he had the plane home already. “I have here ten months, worked damned hard,” says José. “And I remember this not every year afford, but I think the trip is definitely worth it. Hopefully I can make this within three or four years again.” Since even the cost doesn’t matter, it is difficult to make out the song of the lord is also something of a critique of los to make. One small werkpuntje according to José: the price of the water. Two pearls or a thick three euro for a tiny bottle of water’ is even for him a bridge too far. ‘Unreasonable, especially in this weather. And that explains partly my massive hangovers.’ (laughs)

If we are in the reisboekenshop ever a Not So Lonely Planet find of Tomorrowland, it says there for the soloreiziger this opinion of José: ‘Wear your flag, drink a pint, be a nice guy and in no time friends.” About books, spoken books in a Tree equally close. The dragon is tired spitting, the confettidouches be closed until next weekend. May Tomorrowland again, where after 14 years, his trademark has made: los exceed what is actually not more to exceed.

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