Zoutelande biggest Dutch hit ever in the Netherlands

Zouteland of Blof and Geike Arnaert is since this week the biggest Dutch hit ever in the Mega Top 50. This repels the song ‘Red’ by Marco Borsato from the throne.More than 11,5 years was Red of Marco Borsato’s greatest hit sung in the Nederlandste language. But thanks to the 31st place in the Mega Top 50 this week ‘Zoutelande’, Staged over now, according to the radio station. ‘Red’ scored, on the basis of the point system (#1 gets 50 points, #2 gets 49 points, and so on), in 36 weeks with 1369 points. The BAND and Geike did it with 1380 points just a little better in the exact same amount of weeks. ‘Zoutelande’ is still listed and will, therefore, still points to glean.

Text: Bart Liekens

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