Very first demo of David Bowie discovered in a breadbasket

Two years after the death of David Bowie, there is a demo surfaced of the artist. It would be his very first single. The song dates back to 1963 and can at an auction about £ 10,000 or 11.000 euro.

Before Bowie broke through with his alter ego Ziggy Stardust, he had as a sixteen-year old teenager of a career as a saxophonist. In that period, Bowie the single ‘I Never Dreamed’ with the band the Konrads. The record company rejected the song, and that was the end of the group.

David Hadfield, ex-drummer with The Konrads, found the demo in the early 90s, back when he was some old stuff moved to his grandfather. “It was hidden in an old breadbasket, along with some pictures and promotional materials. It is pretty funny what David has become, because then he had no ambition to be a singer to be. He wanted to be the best saxophonist in the world.” Anyone interested in september in a bid on the song for the Uk’s Omega Auctions.

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