Urgently wanted: corruptiebestrijder

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In a grand total of zero (0) people have applied for the job of highest corruptiebestrijder of Romania. That should not really come as a surprise, the government is committed to the rule of law to erode. The European Union has a new source of anxiety.

Today, it runs the subscription period for the position of ” head of the anticorruptiedienst DNA’. But the Romanians are not to penetrate in order to be a candidate. Minister of Justice …

Today, it runs the subscription period for the position of ” head of the anticorruptiedienst DNA’. But the Romanians are not to penetrate in order to be a candidate. Minister of Justice Tudorel Toader had this morning to admit that for the time being, no one candidate has made.

Really surprising it should not be: who the job seriously, know that he or she is not easy. Toader swore that each candidacy is taken seriously, but they believe most of the Romanians. They saw the ruling social democrats of the PSD, the previous anticorruptiechef Laura Kovesi expertly to the side sheaves.

Kovesi was over the past five years has become the face of the fight against the extensive corruption. That their political class is corrupt, knew a lot of the Romanians. But Kovesi showed that that for her not above the law. Members of parliament, ministers, judges: Kovesi made no distinction in her battle. She was praised by Brussels and many ordinary Romanians.

Especially politicians from PSD-signature were the victim of her boldness. So, grasp the party of strong man Liviu Dragnea. Because Dragnea himself was condemned for fraud, he may, at this time, not a premier, but if partijchef, he determines to a large extent, the goings-on in the country.

Kovesi was accused of conducting a witch-hunt and of falsifying evidence. Although there are a lot of questions asked could be in that allegations, was also the Romanian Constitutional Court that Kovesi had to leave. President Klaus Iohannis tried still to save, but at the beginning of this month fell to the canvas.

Parallel state

Now, it’s Romania with a problem: no one feels still called the fight against the political PSD-caste. Because the dismissal of Kovesi was but one element in a broader offensive of the party for the independence of the judiciary from running. Such is the grip of the minister of Justice to the public prosecutors greater. There are also laws that the maximum penalty for the abuse of that power decrease. And criminal investigations may soon have even up to a year to complete.

In fact, the government in Bucharest, with some delay, the example of Hungary and Poland. Judges who do their work seriously, are increasingly being dismissed as enemies of the state. At the meeting of the PSD-followers warns Dragnea that in Romania ‘a ‘ parallel state’ at work. Play the judges a major role. ‘And don’t think that only politicians are targeted. You can be the next victim.”

Dragnea seems to flip to Joraslaw Kaczynski in Poland and Viktor Orban in Hungary and their aversion to the liberal rule of law. The result is that the country is increasingly on a collision course with the European Commission. Brussels has as yet no infringement proceedings initiated against the country, but it keeps the developments in Bucharest, closely.


The European Union also is in the crosshairs of Dragnea. Although most of the Romanians still very happy that they are members of the EU did their prosperity to rise – right Dragnea is increasingly anti-EU-nail. He is doing very best the Romanians to believe that Brussels is them as second-class citizens can see.

The question is how far Dragnea wants to float. The man who him yet, what contrast can give, is president Iohannis. He remains to the fore as the voice of integrity, pro-European Romania. He supported the Romanians, who for months came on the street against the PSD-hunting Kovesi. But the power of Iohannis is mostly symbolic. The question now is whether Dragnea him, permanently, the wait will shew. Many Romanians are afraid that Iohannis in one way or another on non-active will be taken.

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