Trump threatens ex-executives CIA and FBI with take status

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WASHINGTON – The White House has six former executives of the American security services threatened their ’security clearance’ to take it away. Thanks to that status, they can at staatsgeheime information. It comes to John Brennan and James Comey, two well-known critics of president Trump.

John Brennan (left in the picture) in addition to NSA admiral Mike Rogers.

John Brennan was CIA director when Barack Obama is still president. He has recently received considerable criticism on Donald Trump expressed, when at a meeting with Russian president Vladimir Putin denied that Russia has interfered with the American elections. “Nothing less than treacherous”, said Brennan. And: ’it is totally in the pocket of Putin.

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The White House is not served of criticism. “The president accused of treacherous behaviour, as the highest level of permissions and if you have the deepest, most important secrets of the country in your hands, there is the president is very concerned about,” said White House spokesman Sarah Sanders.

Comey and Rice

James Comey, the former director of the FBI that Trump was fired, it belongs to the group of six, just as old-inlichtingenbazen James Clapper, Michael Hayden and Andrew McCabe. Susan Rice, former advisor of the White House, completes the sextet.

Comey (right) by Trump fired.

Or the old-inlichtingendirecteuren actually be punished, not sure. The White House is investigating that option, ” says Sanders. On the question of a journalist or Trump the former inlichtingenbazen with sanctions to punish for criticism, said Sanders: “No, I think you have your own story to create.”

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