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The IBM and Columbia University Blockchain-program

Currently, IBM offers Blockchain-solutions for companies, but the market is extremely crowded with other big technology companies such as Amazon, R3, SAP, and Microsoft. Through the promotion of research at the University level, IBM is creating, but also in the future a competitive advantage. There are also some new education and training programmes relating currencies on the Blockchain, and Crypto.

IBM and Columbia University Blockchain

You have created a new research center in partnership with Columbia University. The center is located at the Manhattan Campus of Columbia University in New York City. The focus will be on developing Blockchain applications through a combination of academic and technical expertise.

Later this year, a special Committee, consisting of members of the Columbia will examine faculty and IBM researchers, proposals for Blockchain-curriculum development, business initiatives, and research programs.

Program focus

The centre will offer to the importance of regulatory issues for Start-ups in the Blockchain-the area of urge and internships, in order to improve technical skills for students and professionals with an interest in the technology. The University expects a significant increase in scholarship applications due to the extension of this area.

“Our students and faculty, working together with IBM, will play an important role in the dynamic exchange of ideas and research around this transformative technology.” – John H. Coatsworth, Columbia University.

Other Educational Programs

United Kingdom – Cryptocurrency Certification

The London School of Economics now offers a certification, the “practical abilities to interact with crypto-currency exchanges” and skills “assessment analysis” of ICOs. The LSE has 36 Global Leader, 18 Nobel prize winners, and one of the first prestigious Cryptocurrency certification brought forth: “Cryptocurrency Investment and Disruption.”

Australia – Blockchain Courses

At the Australian University is aimed at research. Your course is more focused on Blockchain: “Blockchain-strategy”.

Malta – The Blockchain-The Conclusion

The University of Malta will be welcomed in October of this year, several courses, as they will present your complete Blockchain degree.

USA – Stanford Blockchain R & D

A group of computer scientists, supported by Top-of-the Blockchain-projects, has created the Center for Blockchain Research at Stanford University. It will deal with the practical, legal and societal challenges of the Blockchain and a curriculum to develop, which facilitates the implementation. You will also develop courses that help students and professionals to develop financial instruments to protect intellectual property and to manage important documents.

Global Ripples UBRI

Ripple has recently launched the University Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI). Your initial funding to bring the project is 50 million US dollars. The “first wave” of the Partner, consists of 17 universities around the world. The aim is “to support academic research, technical development and Innovation in the Blockchain, crypto-currency and digital payments to speed up”.

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