The biggest fear of Wendy is a sight to behold

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Wendy is a sight to behold is the last time is particularly outspoken, earlier this year she opened her heart during the bedgeheimen by James Cooke on the occasion of her stay on the boat of Gert Verhulst. And this week is Wendy frank in Plage Préférée on Radio 2. During the two hour walk on the beach by Wendy and Kim Debrie, told Wendy Of Mittens over her greatest fear. Wendy Of Mittens was born and raised in Ostend, it was logical that a walk on the beach would be included. Wendy grew up in the seaside resort and was the youngest of the family, a late arrival even for the mama of Wendy was already 43 when she and Wendy on the world continued. Wendy laughs like but her life was not always fun, the moment that Wendy is at the age of 19 leave of her mother, to cut very deep. Even today, let the death of her mother deep scars behind and these had Wendy Monday in Plage Préférée with Kim about.

“I miss my mom very much. How do you cope? I think I maybe still not processed and that I am fled. I accepted that not. I couldn’t understand that someone you love is suddenly gone,” said Wendy. “The first confrontation for me is close to someone has to lose. That has me drawn in but I took the plunge to not in my sorrow to drown but there is something of making my mom proud of me.”

“Now, I’m at an age that is very close to the age when my mom died. My mom was 62,I am now 58. And I catch myself that I had my daughter Estelle, now 10 years old – will not be able to see grow up. I feel that that is not healthy. It’s not because it happened to me…. But still. You don’t want to talk about, but you want her to preserve,” says Wendy. “I will be the grandchild of my daughter was still able to see it?” asks Wendy. “I hide all of that by working and staying busy. That I have experienced by being creative. Yet should I not escape because the wound is bigger and it is sometimes better to grief, how difficult that is.”

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