Terrorist suspects planned attack on Rotterdam police station

The two men last month in Rotterdam held on suspicion of preparing terrorism, would an attack have to want to commit at the police station in the Rotterdam stadium ‘De Kuip’. This emerged from conversations between the two.

At the direction of the General Intelligence and Security service (AIVD) were on Sunday, 17 June, two Moroccan men of 22 and 27 years held. The service had information that one of them is after the ramadan, an armed attack would want to commit in Paris. He would want to die as a martyr and wonder what he is in the paradise of went find, it was in the official.

During the arrests seized phones, USB sticks and other data carriers that are in the house of the suspects were. There are no weapons or explosives found. From the chat traffic of men it now appears that they were considering committing an attack in the Netherlands. One of the suspects sent a photo of the police station Veranda, in the South of Rotterdam, de Kuip, the stadium of football club Feyenoord Rotterdam.

The research is still in full swing, the Public Prosecutor and the police know. The two are stuck and need to 19 september for the court in Rotterdam will appear.

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