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Suggested Lewis Hamilton used his veto against interview by Nico Rosberg?

5b036c076d44494971493f3e5c9d6137 - Suggested Lewis Hamilton used his veto against interview by Nico Rosberg?

That’s still not good botert between Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton during the race weekend of the GP of Germany once again painfully clear.

Nico Rosberg would, reportedly, in Germany the interviews with the top three. The German had already confirmed, but suddenly it would no longer have been necessary.

“I would normally the interviews in Monaco and Hockenheim. I already had the tv station RTL received the confirmation. A couple of days, I got to hear that it was no longer needed,” said Rosberg.

According to different sources, would Lewis Hamilton be veto have made at an interview by Nico Rosberg, it is another proof that the between the two men never really completely good will come?

On Sunday, the speculation about a possible veto by Lewis Hamilton already a hand helped by Hamilton himself.

While the German tv-station RTL prior to the race live on the broadcast with Nico Rosberg on tv does Lewis Hamilton with an umbrella in the pit lane pool. The Brit watching carefully from under his umbrella and sees Rosberg and the tv crew. Rosberg turns around and Hamilton is holding his umbrella a little lower so that he and Rosberg, so to speak, can not see, after which he stoically past Rosberg and the tv crew is walking.

Live on tv, told the tv presenter to Rosberg that Hamilton obviously intentionally did this, then Rosberg is a tense little smile showed and lost …

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