SEE: Nicole Scherzinger’s day on the water

2f5dbad64b9d17477b0d929bc56ae759 - SEE: Nicole Scherzinger's day on the water

With these high temperatures we would prefer in or close to the water, and who have enough money, even with a luxury yacht to the ocean. Such as Nicole Scherzinger, who is easily amused with her Bulgarian boyfriend Grigor Dimitrov.

Nicole Scherzinger is happy to be by Grigor Dimitrov to rinse off after a dip in the ocean

For Nicole, it is great to have a swim in the ocean waters, after their visit to club 55 in St. Tropez, if they did then but can enjoy a good rinse in the shower on the yacht. And there helps tennisprof Dimitrov its like to at. As he her the yacht ophelpt, he can not let go of a playful tap on her butt.

Nicole Scherzinger and Grigor Dimitrov

Grigor Dimitrov with his hands on Nicole’s ass off

Nicole Scherzinger is not afraid of her boyfriend to wash off

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