R. Kelly responds singing on allegations

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R. Kelly has Monday a new track launched which he responds to the many accusations of sexual misconduct to his address. In less than nineteen minute song I Admit admits the singer that he had made mistakes, but denies he at the same time, all of the allegations.

For years Robert Kelly, as the musician full name, has been associated with malpractice. Earlier this year published Buzzfeed a story about a sekssekte that Kelly would have constructed houses in Atlanta and Chicago. The singer would be there, several women hold and determine what and when they eat, when they are allowed to shower and if they are out of the house. He was also supposed to sex that he has to film and their cell phone have declined. The 51-year-old musician is in the past more often accused of sexual misconduct.

In the song, confirms Kelly min or more are preferable for young women. “I have sex with all the women, both older and young. But you can call me not a pedophile, because that’s ridiculous,” said Kelly. “You are allowed your opinion, but I really have to go to jail because of your opinion? Go ahead, stone me, point to me, turn the world against me, but only God can give me to silence.”

Kelly is also going in on his alleged sekssekte. He calls the allegations ’absurd’. “Women who are brainwashed and kidnapped, which is not allowed to eat. Really? That sounds ridiculous.”

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