Prince Harry is counting on youth in the fight against aids

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Prince Harry hopes on the youth, for finding a definitive solution to the hiv and aidsproblematiek. That said, the duke of Sussex on Monday on the occasion of AIDS2018, the 22nd international conference on aids, in Amsterdam is held.

“When the youth come to the solution, the passion and commitment come from. The younger generation has the ability the solution in a much shorter time frame. Young people should no longer standing on the sidelines, but at the table to say something about the practice in each country is different. More and more leaders to the experiences of the youth. I’m 33 and threatening all the connection to lose with young people who are embracing new technologies, ” says the prince.

He is present at the conference as a representative of Sentebale, the foundation in 2006, he founded in memory of his mother, princess Diana. The charity helps young people with aids in Lesotho, in southern Africa.

In addition to prince Harry, also live Elton John, former Us president Bill Clinton and 18,000 scientists, activists and politicians, the four-day conference.


Six health organizations said Monday, sounding the alarm about the spread of aids in Eastern Europe. Each year, approximately 190.000 people infected with the hiv virus in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Only a fraction of them have access to medication. In the areas to be homosexuals and drug users also persecuted and discriminated against, according to the organizations, what they can prevent themselves for hiv testing.

According to the United Nations walked last year, 1.8 million people have hiv. World live 37 million people living with hiv, most of them in Africa. Die every year almost 1 million people suffer illnesses that are related to aids.

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