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Polish Bank paid YouTube Star for FUD, crypto-Crash Video

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It seems unlikely that cryptocurrencies will replace in the near future, the traditional financial institutions, these consumers however, from the exchange of the ‘old banks’ digital Wallets. The low fees and fast transactions of the crypto-currencies are often a reason to Transition into the world of digital money.

Banks in the world to Worry about your core start to make business. Last August, the J. P. Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon Bitcoin publicly called a ‘fraud’ and ordered all employees in his Bank, from crypto-currencies to keep, in the case of the caught trading this would the Bank firing their employees. Dimon held back since with such harsh criticism, although some said even that he would have called it regret that Bitcoin is a fraud, the fear of the Bank is, however, nevertheless, or precisely for that reason noticeably.

The banks are getting into a sweat?

It was reported that a Polish Bank paid a YouTube Star for a Video the addresses the recent market Crash, the crypto-currency industry experienced. As a reason for this, the Bank stated that it wanted to warn of the dangers of Investing in cryptocurrencies.

In an Interview with NBC, the National Bank of Poland (NBP) announced that the Bank Gamellon 91,221.99 Polish zloty ($26,764) for the following Video paid. Gamellon is a YouTube Partner program is the well-known, international Vlogger.

The effects of the unorthodox Marketing Plan were immediately noticeable. One of the Youtuber, Marcin Dubiel, posted a Video with the title of “Stracilem Wszystkie Pieniadze?!” which translated means “I gave all my money lost”. His 939.000 Followers will see a story which tells of how the Youtuber of all his money in an unregulated ICO threw, which turned out not to long later as a fraud.

Since the Video was posted in December 2017, it was already more than half a Million clicks and has the Hashtag #uwazajnakryptowaluty in the description. This is similar to the “Uwazaj Na Kryptowaluty” campaign, which was launched by the NBP. Translated that means something like “be careful with crypto-currencies is in place,” what with the theme of the campaign. This will make the Public aware of the risks associated with crypto currency investments carefully.

Although there were already experts in dealing with restrictions, or unforeseen circumstances on the topic of crypto-currencies, this seems to be the first Time that a Central Bank, told a Video paid the (negative) consequences of crypto-currency investments.

A spokesman for the NBP explained to CNBC in an Interview: “the result of the campaign was the people who interested in goods in crypto-currencies to invest in this either (And this may be a loss) or is this in the full knowledge of the risks associated with it do. NBP ran the campaign via dig24italen and traditional media.“

Nevertheless, “Is not the NBP against the development and use of the Blockchain.” The NBP is, however, the regulations intensify the use of this technology in the financial markets just as safe and tested as any other technology.

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