Official: star of ‘The Walking Dead’ is getting out of the series

After months of rumors Andrew Lincoln finally confirmed: the ninth season of ‘The Walking Dead’ from October 7 to be deployed, will be the last. That announced Lincoln himself to entertainmentbeurs Comic-Con in San Diego. The English actor played since 2010 the role of the main character Rick Grimes, the absolute star of the zombieserie.

The 44-year-old Lincoln spoke to the audience at the Comic-Con in San Diego: “This will be my last season as Rick Grimes. I love this show, it means everything to me. I love the people who made this show, and of those who view it. It is the most special and most beautiful experience of my career.” The actor wants a break from acting to have more time with his family.

Meanwhile, ‘The Walking Dead’ is already a few seasons to contend with declining ratings. In addition, according to a poll on the social media Reddit, 44% of the ‘Walking Dead’-fans stop watching once Lincoln from the series is gone. 72% are of the opinion that the post-apocalyptic zombieserie must end after the ninth season.

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