New single Noa Neal on break with Frank Molnar.

Noa Neal is back, and with the new long-awaited single Castles in the Sand . The airy self-zomerballad drag you right along on the waves of the sea, but make no mistake, if you even deeper in the sand digs, you hear that Noa, her audience is very close to late, her heart opens up and them quietly entrust where they the past year struggled, the processing after her breakup with Frank Molnar.

“Castles in the Sand is a special number for me personally,” testified Noah, who is busy at work behind the scenes. “It is the familiar story from fear to love back fully to allow or the fear of her losing. The want to run away from this old pain, but at the same time an immense boost of wonderful energy, which is ultimately the fear must be overcome. ‘So come to me before I go ” is such a passage in the text,” she explains. “Castles in the Sand was my own autobiographical escape route and I think that many have this feeling, however, will recognize.”

Who Noa Neal on Instagram, has in any case already can see, that they are for the corresponding video clip in the direction of the States went, to again, together with working with her ex, producer Frank Molnar. “With the single hear a playful loving clip that makes you float on a pink cloud and where the butterflies through your body vultures. With the re-work, would I want to others to show that friendship after a break not only in fairy tales,” says the ever-cheerful and positive Noa.

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